The Zen Bathroom

Come in, take a glass of wine, grab some cheese from the fridge... no wait, that was the Bistro

This is the Zen Bathroom!

(click on a photo to see a larger version)

With the 4' x 7' walk-in shower with a natural pebble floor and travertine walls (and ceiling over shower area)
A fold-down teak seat lets me relax under the shower panel (with rain head!)

Two cubbies to the right of the shower panel house my "shower accoutrements" while at the same time, provide a break in the (otherwise massive) shower wall from outside of the shower.


The end of the shower is an incredible 4' wide x 6' tall custom-built teak shelving unit... that I simply *cannot* get a picture of due to the limited space.
But... here's the idea. The first photo is a view from outside the bathroom - looking through the "powder room" portion into the shower (note the small curb into the shower area). The photos of the teak shelving simply don't do it justice. It's awesome.

The sink area has a sunken mirror which provides a ledge for my... uh... sink accoutrements?
The front of the custom cabinet is teak veneer and the countertop is copper tile.
One cabinet door has a hanger for my blow dryer while the other side is my trash bin.
Can you see the light-switch under the light in the last photo? Can ya? Can ya? Ha! It's actually *behind* the tile (proximity sensor).

What's left... oh yeah, the toilet wall. I put teak there too! This time teak veneer (plywood) and a couple of teak shelves.
To the left of the toilet is a hanging TP holder and to the right is a hanging brush (makes it easy to mop in there!)

There is a pocket door on the bathroom and, although it is etched glass, you *cannot* see through it!

There is a large skylight in the shower area which is also the exhaust fan and an overhad light (but I can't take a picture becuase it's too bright)

Oh and yeah...the tiled floor IS heated!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for contractor extraordinaire, Josh Buck!